Wow. What a weekend. Where did it go?  I don’t think it is ever long enough.

I got to spend a glorious Friday out by myself doing some grocery shopping. Really, it’s glorious going alone. Then, I took the older two girls to Sam’s Club. I’m a cool mom like that. We picked up a pizza for our traditional “Pizza and a Movie” Friday evening. Then, we stopped at Family Video to pick out some movies. If you didn’t know, they have TONS of free kids movies. I let each of them pick out two movies.
unnamed (3)

We have been stuck in our house for almost two weeks now. Harper has had some sort of stomach bug. That seems to be gone, but her fever and fussiness are not. Yes, I know she COULD be teething, but her fever is also too high for that. She’s been to the doctor and they couldn’t find anything. “It’s just a virus, mom. Gotta let it run it’s course.” Thankfully, she has a well visit on Tuesday so we can have her checked again.
unnamed (2)
Tired doesn’t even begin to explain it.
Saturday, Scott had a lot of things to do at the church. We hung out at home watching our rented movies and rearranging furniture. I drive my husband nuts with how often I want to rearrange. But, really, it’s the best way to clean!!
Tcouchhis was mid-rearranging at night.

On Sunday, I was helping to get the older girls ready for church. Addi came up to me and said “My tummy hurts.” I think you can guess what happened next… She was so upset to have to stay home from church. I almost cried when Scott and Chloe came home and told us that they had a birthday party for Addi. They even sang happy birthday without her there.

She is still sick today, and tomorrow is her birthday. “Mr. Jeff” is her VERY BEST FRIEND. She adores him because he has a cool key for his car. haha! She has been saying for MONTHS that she wanted him to come to her birthday party. He has been planning all along to come celebrate with her. Her little heart broke today when I told her that he wasn’t going to be able to come since she was sick.

I am determined to make this week fun, even though ALL of them are sick now. They are so worried about Halloween being ruined. I told them that even if they are sick for Halloween, we will make it special. I’ll find little games to play and cut their toast into special shapes if nothing else.

I hope that you all have a fun and exciting week before Halloween!


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