Autumn & Booties

I never expected to have a kid so sick right after launching a “new” blog. My time is spent doing a lot of laundry, scrubbing a lot of carpet, and desperately trying to stay on top of everything else. She is currently asleep on the floor with her new unicorn (her request) and I have a little time.

I am really only getting out when I run to the mailbox very quickly. It’s a huge bummer, because the weather is classic autumn weather- my favorite. I got out today to take Addison for her 4-year well visit at the pediatricians. We are going back when she is better for a re-do because she has probably lost a ton of weight and couldn’t get vaccines since she is sick. Anyway.. I grabbed my camera one day on the way to the mailbox because the leaves were pretty.
There are so many more bright yellow leaves that have been blown off the tree thanks to Patricia making it’s way up here. I love seeing the ground covered in such bright colors, so I will have to take a new  picture.

autumnI love my ankle booties. I got them from Old Navy when they were on sale and I had a really great coupon. Unfortunately this color is not available online, and the sale is over. The back is a faux leather, and the main portion of it is faux suede. Faux suede is AWESOME because you don’t have to treat it to prevent water stains.

I don’t have any black boots, so I am drooling over this pair right now. They come in olive green, too! I love that they are actually rain boots. It gets pretty sloppy here in the winter, so water-proof is a MUST. These are also really cute and at a lower price-point. I have some Old Navy Cash that is burning a hole in my pocket. But, I am exercising self-control and sticking to online-DROOLING only.

What are your favorite boots? I wasn’t really into the ankle bootie trend at first. They slip on SO easily and are really versatile. Do you like the over-the-knee boots?


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