It’s the…

… most WONDERFUL time of the year.

Typed as my four-year-old is screaming at the top of her lungs for no reason. *sigh*
I hate daylight savings time..

halloweenAddison was finally well just in time to be able to go to our Fall Fest at church. Chloe wanted to be a superhero and picked out a batgirl costume. Addison wanted to be a woodpecker. Seriously, what tiny child picks woodpecker?! So, I bought felt and went to work. I had a ducky and bumblebee costume that fit Harper. She gravitated towards the duck, so there you have it.
Scott always works pretty much the whole day because of set-up and tear-down. It really stinks to constantly have our family apart for holidays, but that’s ministry, I guess. I was determined to make it a fun holiday in spite of that.
I took the girls over to the church and we walked the tables to get some candy. The girls got their bags of popcorn and jumped in the bounce house. Addison gets overloaded sensory-wise pretty easily. So, it didn’t take long before she was ready to go home. I turned on “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!” and let them eat their popcorn. Harper snacked on a cup of pretzels. Then, we made some jack-0-lantern cookies.

I kept the girls up late so that maybe they would sleep in on Sunday. No luck. They were up shortly after five. They have been up around 5 AM every stinkin’ day, and we are getting exhausted. DST was invented to torture parents. I will not be convinced otherwise.

BUT, it is officially the Holiday Season, and I am pretty excited about it. Bring on the red Starbuck’s cups! What is your favorite part of the holidays?


2 thoughts on “It’s the…”

  1. I love getting cards from family & friends. People are actually giving for a change & kind to strangers. And every year I am reminded of how amazing our God is.

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