Try it out Tuesday

Welcome to the first Try it out Tuesday! On Tuesdays, I am going to write about a product that I love. There are so many great things out there, but I am constantly looking for reviews. I like to know if I am wasting my money or not. Since I have three kids, a lot of the products will most likely be along those lines. I like to support small businesses. I know that the money I spend will be helping that family pay for the things they need, not lining the pockets of a big CEO. I’ll also feature products that I love and want to try out. You can tell me if it’s worth the money!

“On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

First up will be The Mason Bar Company.

They sell mason jars, lids, cuffs, and straws. They occasionally feature other products as well. You can purchase an entire tumbler, or purchase a lid/straw on it’s own. Honestly, shipping ends up being a little killer if you purchase an entire tumbler, so beware of that. The shipping is not the company’s fault, so don’t tear them down because of that!
Their lids fit all different sizes of mason jars, just pay attention to the size marked. I have a black and glow-in-the-dark lid that I got shortly before Halloween that are no longer available. However, the yellow lid is the Marigold and available from the School Spirit collection, and my straw is purple. My favorite size is the 24 ounce, which uses a wide mouth lid. It is a pretty standard cup size, and it fits in the cup holder of my minivan and the console for our stroller. However, if you want a bigger or smaller cup, they offer many different sizes.
The lids and straws come in so many colors, so you can mix and match to support your favorite team or show your school spirit. If you are like me, then you will just pick your favorite colors. Since we are homeschooling, I get to make up our school colors.  I have to say that my favorite part is that IF my glass breaks, I can run out and buy a new jar, snap my lid into the ring, and it’s like new.

I haven’t purchased a pretty cuff for my cup, but have definitely drooled over them. My favorites were the Nena & Co. collaboration cuffs that have sold out. Nena & Co. is also an awesome company with an equally as awesome mission. More on that another time though! *Edit: There are still some Nena & Co. cuffs in stock!

I’m not sure what it is about mason jars, but I think they are fantastic. There are so many different uses, and something about drinking my iced coffee from one brings me a silly amount of joy. Maybe is the nostalgia of “the good old days” that I didn’t live through, but dream of. Plus, the glass doesn’t stain when I drink sweat tea like a plastic cup does.

Their packaging is so adorable, too. My lids came in a small canvas  drawstring bag with their logo stamped on it. (You can see that above.) It also came with a postcard that said “We are able” on the front and had their info on the back. The reminder that I am able was exactly what I needed the day that these arrived. I actually have it hanging above my desk.


I can’t neglect to mention that their Instagram page has Jeremiah 29:11 featured on it. “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Such a sweet reminder..

The Mason Bar Company has not sponsored this post. All opinions and love for the company are my own. Any amazon link is an affiliate link.


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