I think that we can all agree that we are left a little shaken up from the past week. So many lives lost in so many different countries. I wanted to hide in a bubble, because surely I would be safe there.

But, if we hide in fear, they win. I won’t let that happen. We had been planning to have our fellow youth ministry friends over for a turkey luncheon. I won a House Party pack from Kikkoman. They sent me a box full of t-shirts, coupons, oven mitts, and a gift card to buy the food supplies that we needed. Ministry life means that you don’t really get free weekends. We were blessed that two other families were able to join us, and we missed the few that had other obligations.


Scott is my turkey maker. He always takes care of the turkey first thing in the morning; only we brined the bird for the first time this year, so the prep started Friday night. I spent the rest of the morning preparing stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and gravy.
It was exactly what my soul needed. We needed to gather and fill our bellies full of delicious food. We needed to watch our little girls play and enjoy the innocence of not knowing all of the wicked things in this world. We needed to laugh and enjoy each other’s company. It was encouraging and uplifting. It was perfect.

So, don’t let them win. Yes, it’s ok to be cautious and aware. It’s good. But, don’t stop living.

House Party and Kikkoman sponsored our gathering. All words, opinions, and fun had are my own. 


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