Try it Tuesday- Solly Baby

As a mom of three, I am a HUGE fan of baby wearing. I need my hands free to hold my older girls’ hands. I discovered the Solly Baby Wrap this time around, and wish I had found it much sooner. I don’t have any pictures of me wearing Harper in it (this picture is from their site), but it is seriously amazing. The fabric is so soft, it grows with your baby, and it is super comfortable for me. I have an Ergo carrier that I like, but Harper is much happier in the Solly. She is really petite for her age, so she can’t get her arms free in the Ergo carrier. The Solly can be easily altered for her size, and she has a little more freedom to move and wiggle.  Plus, the fabric is 100 times softer and more comfortable for her eczema prone skin.
They come in such a variety of colors and patterns. I have the Firefly colored wrap, shown above, and I LOVE it. It’s so colorful, but magically goes with everything that I wear. I love the charcoal swiss dot for how neutral it is. The blush color is probably my favorite though. Three girls plus the soft and sweet pink= all the heart eyes. You would think that after three girls, I would be fed up with pink. But, nope. I love soft blush pinks.

One of my favorite things that Solly offers is the Solly Dolly Wrap. I would love to have one for my girls to carry their dolls around. Chloe is especially getting really interested in taking care of her baby dolls. The company also sells the Solly Swaddle blankets. I don’t own any, but if they are anything like the wraps, they would get a big A+ from me! The packaging is adorable. The products are amazing. The family behind the company is beautiful. The wrap can also be used as a scarf when I no longer have a baby to carry it in. *sniff*

You should go follow Solly Baby Wrap on Instagram. The feed is BEAUTIFUL and they will be having a huge black Friday sale.

This post is in no way sponsored by Solly Baby. All of these opinions and words are my own. 


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