Happy day after Thanksgiving!

Some call it Black Friday. I don’t really. I sell Jamberry, and we are doing something special for the weekend. Other than that. I don’t feel like most places really offer sales that are much different throughout the year. We always try to have most of our shopping done before Thanksgiving so that we can really enjoy the Holiday season without worrying about buying gifts. It can be too consuming.

I like to call this day “Decorating Day” or something more clever than that. I am not feeling very clever.

We always put up our tree the day after Thanksgiving. We let the girls have free reign with the ornaments this year. Scott and I put the important ones up at the top of the tree; out of reach. We have a lot of plastic ornaments that the girls got to hang up. It’s pretty hilarious.



Having eggnog on hand for this day is a MUST. Please forgive the terrible quality of these pictures. My laptop is going insane and will not read my SD card, so these are all from my not-smart phone. It’s so rainy and dreary outside, and we don’t have anything but a lamp to light up that side of the house.

Also totally unrelated, I want to get bangs. Long, shaggy bangs. Something like this:

Yay or Nay? I figure if I hate them, I can just side-sweep them while they grow out. I haven’t had a hair cut in a VERY long time, so I am due for one. I want to keep growing it out, so length going away is not happening.


How do you spend the day after Thanksgiving? Are you a Black Friday shopper?


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