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Festivity for Littles

I LOVE the holidays. I love the spirit of the season. I love festive EVERYTHING. It is just fun to slow down and enjoy the little things. I decided to round up some of my favorite festive things for Littles and for Mamas. Today is part one. The littles should come first, right?

For Littles

First up: FESTIVE JAMMIES!! I feel like there is nothing more adorable than little kids wearing adorable jammies. My kids practically live in their jammies, so cute ones are a must. These elf jammies from Hanna Anderson are adorable. They have Santa ones, too. These are probably my favorites though. Red and white stripes make me think of little candy canes.

My favorite item on this list is probably this gnome hat. Harper has been ripping her hats right off of her head as soon as they get put on. It is COLD where we live, so I decided it was time to buy a hat that we could strap onto her head. Of course, I went for a gnome hat. I bought it at a time when it was on super sale, so I got a really good deal on it. It is so warm and soft.  These bow mary jane flats are adorable as well.  Just imagine them paired with a sweet Christmas dress. They would be perfect for Valentine’s Day festiveness as well.

It is no secret that I love to read to my girls. Every year, on Christmas eve, we read The Night Before Christmas before bed. It’s such a classic. My personal favorite book is The Polar Express. I used to check it out every year from the Library. I have always found the pictures to be so beautiful. The movie is equally as beautiful. When I found out that they were making a movie based on the book, I was thrilled. A huge part of me worried that they wouldn’t be able to capture the beauty of the stories. I was not disappointed though! If you have never seen the movie, you need to!!

Do you enjoy buying Christmas jammies/shirts/dresses each year? Do you do it for your kids, or also for yourself?

See you later this week for Festivity for Mamas!



2 thoughts on “Festivity for Littles”

    1. I do! I have it tucked safely downstairs because there is a note in it from them. It said “To: Ashley” and I don’t remember it ever being mine!


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