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if not

You may have seen recent posts about waiting in the hallway. We have been in the hallway for about a year now; knowing what God desires of us, but waiting for Him to open the right door.

We are still waiting, but now the hallway is closing. Is that possible? What happens when the hallway closes? Do you get pushed out through a window and pray for a giant pillow to catch you? I am not even sure.

I have had so many thoughts swirling through my mind since we received some pretty life-altering news. This life thing is tricky. We know that God’s timing is perfect. He always so beautifully orchestrates things to work out in a more perfect way than we could ever imagine.

But, the swirling chaos that happens while you wait is pretty mind boggling. I am not even sure which way is up right now. But, I am holding on for the ride. I am on my knees in prayer. I am crying out to God begging for answers.

For now, we are looking at this messy, partially-finished canvas of paint. We know that it will be beautiful. It will be more beautiful than we can even fathom. Even if the worst case scenario happens, He is still GOOD!


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