Monday Mantra

I don’t know about you, but Mondays are always rough around here. Sunday is always pretty hectic since we spend most of the day at church getting ready for services, and doing actual services. So, Monday we are dragging big time. Scott goes back to work and I am back to the grind.

I need a little phrase that I can repeat to myself over and over again to get me through the day. It is usually a different phrase each week because situations and circumstances change. Ever since we were thrown a major curve ball, I have really needed the extra encouragement.

when how and where

I truly cannot wait until I can share the full details of what is going on in our life. I feel like I am just dancing around it on the verge of bursting. Hopefully soon, it will be out there, and I will be able to share the exact details.

For now, my family greatly appreciates the prayers. I pretty much keep begging and asking God “When? How? Where?” I cry out to Him. Literally, I cry a lot because I just don’t understand. I need to keep reminding myself of this though. He has this all figured out. He knows exactly why this is happening. He knows how, when, and where this will all lead. He sees the big picture and has amazing plans. I am sure of this.

What keeps you going in times of struggle? Do you have a phrase or verse that you continuously repeat to yourself? I’d love for you to share.



2 thoughts on “Monday Mantra”

  1. Mantra! That’s literally the word I was trying to think of when I messaged you earlier!

    “Breathe in relaxation, out stress & anxiety.”


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