Try it Tuesday-Baby Jogger

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Around Christmas last year, Scott and I started talking about how we needed to buy a new single stroller. We had a giant double stroller that wasn’t getting used anymore. Chloe and Addison no longer had interest in riding in a stroller, and we no longer had interest in hauling that massive train around. For a double stroller, it was great. But, it was heavy and hard to steer. Bring on the shopping!

I started looking at different single strollers. I wanted something that looked nice, rode smoothly, and was comfortable for Harper to sit in. I finally landed on the Baby Jogger brand of stroller. It was sleek looking, had really great reviews, and the sun shades are HUGE!!

I started saving for a stroller, but couldn’t decide on which model to get.It was between the City Mini and the City Lite.  I ultimately went with the City Lite when budget won the competition.

71OIjn2WVsL._SL1500_Image from Amazon.

The stroller arrived, and I immediately started doing a happy dance. It was easy to put together, and is so stinkin’ cute! Look at these baby feet bouncing around. This was back in January, when we first purchased it.

I also bought the parent console since this stroller doesn’t come with any accessories. They now have a new version of the console that looks even nicer. I love that it has Velcro pockets, so your phone doesn’t go flying to the ground if you forget to take it out before folding the stroller.

Here is why I love this stroller:
1. It turns on a dime. After having a tandem double stroller, this is just incredible.
2. Did I mention it’s cute? It is so modern and sleek.
3. It folds so easily. My husband comments on how much he loves the ease of folding it up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Just push a button and pull.
4. The straps can be customized. On this stroller, you can remove the shoulder straps when your child is bigger, and just have the lap belt. I never used the shoulder straps for my older girls.
5. The canopy actually offers shade. I cannot tell you how annoyed I would get when the sun would blind my children because the so-called canopy wouldn’t do it’s job.
6. I can see my baby. The shade has TWO windows that you can peek through. They are placed where you can actually see your child!
7. Harper is comfortable. Even when the stroller is not moving, she will happily sit and observe what is going on around her. The seat lays all the way back if she needs to nap, too.

Here are some things you should know:
These are things that MAY bother some people, but didn’t bother me.
1. Every accessory is sold separately. The children’s tray, parent console, car seat adapter, etc. do not come with the stroller. I didn’t have a problem with this because Harper was old enough to sit alone and my kids never used the trays in front of them. I was also able to buy a parent console that worked for my needs. They offer so many different kinds of consoles that you really get to personalize the stroller to your needs as a mom (or dad!) and I love that.
2. The basket under this stroller is pretty small. I can’t get my diaper bag in it. I never put my big under the stroller anyway. I prefer to have it hanging from the handle so that I can easily reach in and grab what I need. The basket makes for a good place for the girls to stash their toys and snacks.
3. The City Lite is not intended as a jogging stroller. Don’t let the name fool you, this model is not manufactured as a jogging stroller. They do offer the Summit x3 that is a single jogger, or the Summit x3 double jogger. I like to go running sans kiddos, so I don’t need a jogging stroller.

Baby Jogger also sells a really awesome (from what I have heard) double stroller if that is what you are on the market for. I’ll send you to Little Baby Garvin where she reviews the double, and gives some great advice on what to purchase for Baby #2.

I absolutely love our stroller, and truly cannot say anything negative about it.

12096008_577594180830_7678732218332201719_nPLEASE ignore my outfit!! We packed sweaters and cold weather clothing for this trip, and it decided to get up to nearly 90 degrees. I had to borrow clothes. HA!


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