These are the Days

I have no idea what is going on in Michigan, but I am not even going to question it. Yesterday, I took all three girls OUTSIDE to play. There wasn’t any snow on the ground. We didn’t have to wear gloves. Our faces didn’t freeze off.

What is this madness?!

I get in such a winter funk. I don’t like being stuck indoors. I need sunshine and fresh air. Not fresh air that stings as you breathe. That cruelty doesn’t count. Look at this green grass!!!!!!!

Addison was having a blast rolling down our tiny hill while Chloe ran in circles. We are all crazy confused by the warmth. Chloe is my little artist and will color with sidewalk chalk forever if she is allowed. You can see Harper trying to run into the parking lot.. PEACE!

I spent most of time outside chasing this little stinker. Our house is right on the church property, so the parking lot is super tempting for her to explore. She got a piece of pink sidewalk chalk and had a blast drawing on my face while I held her. I think she was telling me to put some makeup on or something.


We have been promising to make Christmas cookies with the girls. So, after a quick trip to the store, we got started. My great grandma Hager’s sugar cookies are a favorite around here. They are egg free, so you can eat allllll the batter you want. (I’ll share the recipe on here later this week.) I did some tweaking to make them dairy free for little miss Harper and they turned out delicious.

Family time really is the best. I used to get stressed out over trying to contain the mess and make sure everything was perfect. It turns out, everything is perfectly imperfect. I loved baking with my mom while we were growing up; I still do. I absolutely LOVE that my husband dives in and gets involved, too.

These really are the best days.


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