Music Speaks


Sometimes life just gets heavy. It gets so heavy that getting out of bed empties any strength that you had.

I am really good at painting on the fake happy smile and pretending that things are all ok. What do you to do when life gets hard? The best thing to do is open your Bible. Let God speak to you. Drown the pages in your tears.

When you have three kids who are.. well, kids. Kids are loud and energetic. There is nothing wrong with that, but reading is pretty impossible. Some days, I just turn on music and sing. Thankfully, my girls love music, too, so it entertains them.

I decided to put together a playlist. These are some of my favorite songs to listen to when the weight of life gets too heavy. They remind me of what Jesus did for me. They remind me that I am not alone.

What do you do when life starts weighing you down? Do you have a favorite verse or song?


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