Merry Christmas Eve Eve

Merry Christmas Eve Eve, friends! I hope that you have lots of fun and festive plans for the rest of the week!!

Chloe woke up this morning and instantly curled into a ball on the floor. She finally made her way to the couch, but stayed curled up saying that her tummy hurts. She finally ate some applesauce and toast and perked up a little, but she looks really miserable. We are praying that she feels better quickly.

Tonight, we do not have church, so we are planning to make “gingerbread” houses out of graham crackers. We are dealing with quite the trial right now in our family, but trying really hard to make the most of it the situation.

Tomorrow, we have plans to watch Christmas movies all day and just be silly. We always order a pizza for dinner on Christmas Eve and eat while watching a movie. (We always eat at the table as a family aside from a once-a-week pizza & a movie night.) We’ll read the Christmas story, The Night Before Christmas, and probably several other stories..

On Christmas day, I make cinnamon rolls from scratch. SO good! We stay in our Christmas jammies all day long. We open presents (of course) and skype with each set of grandparents. They usually mail gifts to us, so we save those for our time spent together via technology. Ham is always on the menu for lunch. Delish!

I really, really love Christmas. It is always so fun and magical. Having kids at Christmas is THE BEST!!! I love seeing their eyes wide and hearing their squeals of excitement while they open gifts.

Merry Christmas from our wild family to yours! 



1 thought on “Merry Christmas Eve Eve”

  1. I love you, sweet friend! Hope you guys have a wonderful christmas. 🙂 I smiled reading about your little family’s traditions. We are having Ham (of COURSE!)… This year we are having our big dinner tomorrow though and then Christmas day is (hopefully) stress -free with just leftovers and presents and skyping and jammies ALL DAY LONG! Love you guys! Wish, sincerely, that I could hug you today (and everyday if we are being real!)

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