Reflection and Provision

I remember the day that we moved here as if it was yesterday..


I was 35 weeks pregnant with Addison. My husband had found out a couple of months before that he was losing his job. It was all a very painful experience that I don’t want to re-live. We were down to the wire and God provided just in time; as He always does.

It was a rainy and warm day in the beginning of September. I was exhausted from packing every day while very pregnant and caring for an energetic one-year-old. We walked into this tiny house. There was some furniture spread throughout; as this house served as a mission’s apartment before we came. So, we, along with some really wonderful people, moved all of that out all while moving ourselves in.

It was such an exciting new adventure. We had a new place to serve God alongside a Pastor who was just so.. real. He never treated us as though we were beneath him. We were equals, and it was refreshing. I remember feeling so nervous on our first Sunday here at FBT. We were new and I was trying to scramble through my pregnant brain to remember names of people that I had met before.  Everyone was so gracious and kind.

We were afraid, though. We had lived the previous couple of weeks with no income. When we moved into the house, I made jello because that was pretty much all we had. Our new church family had taken a huge offering and we were given a gift card to Walmart so that we could buy food and anything that we may need for our new home.

Once again, God provided exactly what we needed as money had run out. Living from paycheck to paycheck is difficult. When you live that way and suddenly the paychecks stop, it is terrifying.

We are finding ourselves in a similar situation again. Only, this time, we aren’t deeply wounded. This church has helped us to heal. They have shown us true and unconditional love. We have an awesome friendship with our Pastor and his wife. I am truly saddened to know that I will be saying goodbye to these people in just a few weeks. I hate goodbyes.

We know that God is going to provide, but I keep asking myself how? Will it be with a new position just in time? Will it be that we will have just enough money to rent a moving truck and live with family until a new position is provided?

There are so many unknowns, and it is scary. But, I have seen God so faithfully and beautifully provide for us in the past. How could I ever doubt Him now? He has never let me down.

So, as I sit here in my house with it’s empty walls and boxes all around, I remember his provision. I look forward to the excitement that we will feel when we walk into our new home. I look forward to seeing where we will be serving. I am still serving HERE. We aren’t gone yet, and we won’t stop serving FBT until we are in the car and driving away.

It is almost like Christmas Eve. The excitement of not knowing what lies beneath the wrapping paper. What will it be?

Please continue to pray for us. But, also, pray for our church. They are also in some scary times. As the finances continue to decrease, they face a lot of scary unknowns as well. God is able. He is always able. We just have to trust.


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