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Wow. I am back. What a whirlwind!!!

We left on Wednesday morning and traveled all day. Of course, it snowed in Michigan and slowed us down a lot. 9ish hours in the car later and we were eating a late  dinner with my mom and dad. We left the next morning and spent another 9 or so hours in the car, checked into our hotel, and then had dinner with the pastor and his family.

Because we got there on a Thursday, we had a couple of days to get to know the pastor and his family and also look around the city and see what it was all about. For the record, the pastor and his family are awesome. I just wouldn’t want someone writing and critiquing me. haha! Nothing bad to say, lots of good to say. It just would be weird to write all about them.

The city was so beautiful. It is winter (duh) so most plant life is dead, so I cannot even imagine how beautiful it would be to see in the spring/summer/fall. We were able to do one of the many service projects that the church is involved in. We packed boxes with food for the elderly. This facility also will pack up snacks for kids that may not get any food over the weekend. The school will give them a grocery bag to take home with them on a Friday. I could have some of the details wrong as we got a lot of information in a short time. Either way, what they are doing is AWESOME!!

We also got to go visit this awesome teen ministry in the city that the church helps support. They pick kids up from school, do a chapel service, tutoring, and then it’s a whole skate park and arcade. It’s a safe place for them to be after school until their parents pick them up. I was blown away. Everything is free except the snack bar, and even that is something that they can earn money for by participating in tutoring. I believe that I was told that most of the kids were not passing the state requirements for testing, and now all that attend are. It’s just incredible.

Sunday morning we were able to be in services. It truly was just a breath of fresh air. The people were so friendly and kind. The music was done so well. You could tell that people were truly worshiping and not just singing because they had to. The teenagers are so sold out for Jesus. It’s just awesome.. I really don’t even know what to say. Again, I don’t want to write about it too much because it would be weird. The church is awesome. The people are awesome.

We left on Monday morning and got to Scott’s parents’ house late. All adults were ready for bed but the girls were wired. Let’s just say they didn’t even get into bed until midnight. They were so excited. Chloe got to share a bedroom with her mimi and Addi got to share a room with papa and the dog, Sierra. Addi LOVES Sierra and was MORE than happy to snuggle her all night. haha! We got up early and hit the road after some breakfast. We spent the whole day in the car AGAIN. We hit snow (again) in Michigan, and I saw a couple of cars in the ditch. But, we made it safely.

The only incident we had was on our way down. We kept hearing a sound like a helicopter. We pulled off several times and checked the tires, etc. Turns out, it was our bumper. It got messed up right after we bought the van and we couldn’t afford to fix it. It’s slowly been deteriorating, and it was flapping in the wind. It’s tied on now, no worries. ha!!!

Now, we are back and have just 11 days until our last Sunday with our FBT family. I just sat this morning feeling completely overwhelmed and not knowing what to do first. I eventually shook it off and started scrubbing the inside of our fridge and packing some boxes. We have so much to do, and not much time to do it.


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