Harper 18 months

Age: 18 months

Weight: 23 pounds

Clothing: She is wearing size 18-24 month, but the shirt sleeves and pants have to be rolled up because she is so petite.

Words: She still doesn’t say any words, and I’ll be talking to the pediatrician about it next week. She should have a vocabulary of approx. 10 words by now. She likes to squeal and babble a lot though!

Favorite Foods: She loves vegan cheese, peaches, pears, ketchup, and Plum Teensy Fruits.

Favorite Activities: Harper loves dancing to any music; even her sisters’ made up songs. Snack eating is also a favorite past-time. She is majorly into giving everyone hugs and kisses. Bath time probably tops her list of favorite activities; which is good since she loves rubbing ketchup all over her head. She is a master at stealing Addison’s juice cup and sucking it dry before Addi notices.

Favorite Things: Harper loves her baby doll. She carries it around and pats it on the back. She loves to carry Addison’s Lucy dog around the house and kiss it. Her play table has also been a huge hit. She sits at it to eat a snack during the day and loves to color ON it.

Milestones: She learned to “pound it” (fist bump) and loves holding her little fist out to people. She is doing really well at feeding herself with a fork. We use these to make it easier for her. Harper has also started to really understand directions now. “Let’s change your diaper” means run away giggling. 😉 She knows where her nose, eyes, mouth, etc. are.

Harper is feeling really under the weather. She seems to have caught some virus during our travels and can hardly breathe through her nose. She is still happy as can be despite having a fever and flowing nose. She is enjoying “helping” me pack boxes for the big move. I love being this little girl’s mama and enjoy each new day with her. 


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