Three Questions

I am a blog junkie. I love to get a peek into the lives of other moms; especially if they are in similar phases of life. Kilee, who blogs at One Little Momma, wrote about three questions for tough days. She just had her fourth baby boy, who is incredibly adorable, and is rocking at it. Her and her husband also own Nickel & Suede, which you should DEFINITELY check out! Beautiful leather jewelry. I am dying over those wrap cuffs..and everything else!

Anyway.. it has been tough around here. I am so richly blessed, but we are packing our lives and moving 14 1/2 hours away from the state that we have called home for the last 6.5 years. I am excited; beyond excited. But, it is also scary. I am exhausted from to-do lists of what to take care of when we get there, squeezing in appointments before we move, packing, cleaning, and trying to help my girls understand what is happening. Oh, and did I mention that I have some nasty virus that has me hardly sleeping, but working on some amazing abs from all of the coughing? Womp.

I also just started a new prescription that is going to attempt to suppress my thyroid in the hope of it shrinking. I have been struggling to swallow lately, which is bad when you have to take four giant pills to keep epilepsy under control. It’s not a big deal, but will basically give me hyperthyroidism while my body adjusts. I am terrified that I will go bald. That is completely off subject.

Here we go for real..

Things that I am looking forward to:
1. Moving. I am ready to just get there and get started. We are stuck in “limbo” right now… we feel like we are on the outside looking in, and we are just ready to get to where God has for us and dive in.
2. Decorating my new home. It’s an apartment, but as the wife/mama, it is my job to make it HOME. As an HGTV addict and former interior design major, I am so excited to have a new space to create in.
3. Running. I have let my health sit on the back burner. I haven’t REALLY run in over a year. It is showing, as I have gained back 15 pounds that I lost last year. I am excited to live in a SAFE place with a nice neighborhood to run in.

Things that I am struggling with:
1. Moving. HA! I am struggling with helping Chloe and Addi understand these changes. Their stuff is all being packed, they are sleeping on mattresses on the floor, and they just don’t get it fully. Cooking is tough because we are trying to use up what we have in the fridge and freezer.
2. Feeling like I am failing. I am trying to stay on top of things, but there seems to be more things than I can juggle.
3. Comparison. They say that comparison is the thief of joy. It’s so true. I see people that I graduated with that are buying a house, or have a nice car, and I let it get to me. I long for that kind of stability. I see people who JUST had babies, and already look back to “normal”, and I am struggling to keep my weight under control.

Things that I am genuinely thankful for:
1. God’s provision. Seriously.. look at what He has done for us! We were facing no income, no home, etc. We were TWO weeks from moving in with family when God opened a door for us. Not just “a” door.. but, one that we had prayed about and for.. one that was the perfect fit. Not only that, but when I called to cancel my endocrine appointment that was scheduled for after we moved, I asked if they would happen to have an opening this week to squeeze me in, and they said “How about today?” It was an important appointment for me to have, and I am so thankful that I was able to have some questions answered.
2. My husband. Scott has been amazing. My emotions have been a roller coaster. There are times when I have been downright nasty, and he continues to show me grace and love me in spite of me. He makes coffee for me in the mornings. He told me to go to bed so that I could get some rest while he cleaned. We have a gift card to use, and we are going out to lunch tomorrow. He is incredible, and I don’t brag on him enough.
3. My girls. The older girls have been difficult to handle lately with all of the changes. I am trying to show them grace and help them through this. Oh, how I fail. They love helping us pack, and enjoy labeling (and decorating) the boxes. Harper has been battling sickness, too, and has been such a trooper. She is so content and easygoing. She also tries to help pack, but we don’t need our wipes packed just yet. 😉 These three girls are such a blessing. I hope they know that.


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