Yesterday, Harper had her 18 month well visit. She is still sitting solidly at the 10-25th percentile for her weight. She is at the 50-75th for her height and head circumference. It is so fun to have such a petite girl. Chloe and Addison were over the 100th percentile for their height from the time they were born. She is super healthy, even with her cough and runny nose.

There is one concern.

Harper doesn’t say any words. None. She doesn’t show any interest in trying. I asked the doctor about this. If she even had just 2 or 3 words in her vocabulary, they would not be concerned. The average is 30-50 words by this age. Since she doesn’t say any at all, she is definitely behind. Since we are moving on Monday, our pediatricians hands were tied. He couldn’t really set up any appointments for us. He said that as soon as we move and get settled to find a pediatrician. We need to ask them to set up a hearing test to be sure that she is hearing. Then, every state offers a free speech evaluation.

She is perfect and exactly the way that God made her. I am praying that it is not her hearing, because that is harder to help her overcome. She hears and follows prompting. “Harper, where is your nose?” and she points at her nose. She responds to her name. “Do you want more banana?” and she nods her head enthusiastically. They obviously see this more than I do, so I feel pretty clueless.

Have any of you had children with delayed speech? What has your experience been like? Was hearing the issue? This is all new territory for me.


2 thoughts on “Vocabulary”

  1. I meant to ask you, does she do any signs? I feel like the words we intentionally taught CJ in sign language were some of his first words to speak. We’ll be going through this journey together, just in different ways! CJ loved his first speech therapy appointment though so it was encouraging. And the lady had so much energy which is a bonus.


    1. I have tried to teach her a couple, but she wasn’t interested. She is fist bumping, high fiving, etc. so she may try to pick those up now.


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