Stomach Flu and Grass Fires

I had every intention of doing a “home” tour today. I wrestled with doubt about it for a while. We are in an apartment. It is small. We have mis-matched furniture that has been beat up from the move. But, this is my reality. We don’t have a big and beautiful home full of perfectly matching furniture and accessories. We’ve worked hard for what we do have, even though it is all now scratched, dented, and broken. We’ve also been given some furniture, so nothing really matches in our bedroom or the living room. Our home is full of love and laughter (and screams) though, and that is worthy of sharing.

I will give a little tour of our place, but it is still chaos. This past week has felt like a nightmare and dream all at once. We are so excited to finally be here and see what God does. However, we have also had the stomach flu go through 3 out of 5 members of our family. Harper and I are the only ones who avoided it. Saturday, Scott and Chloe were sick all day, so I was pretty much going it alone while caring for Addi and Harper. All while doing 5 million loads of laundry. Don’t you feel bad for me? Kidding. It’s mom life. 😉 Needless to say, I don’t feel anywhere near “done” with unpacking. Hopefully next week I will be ready to show you around. I ended up missing my first Sunday with our new church family. Chloe had a fever Saturday night, so we kept our germs at home to avoid spreading it.

Yesterday, we also had a fire at our complex. None of the buildings were affected, but it freaked me out a lot. We were piling in the van and saw (and heard) power lines sparking, and then two of the lines fell to the ground. Scott got out of the car and called 9-1-1 because lines on the ground is dangerous. He disappeared and I saw people start running and tons of smoke… then small flames that quickly grew into huge flames. I started yelling for Scott because everyone that I could see was running except for him. The flames came really close to the car port and I started getting the girls out of the car so that we would be ready to run if it caught fire. The neighbors appeared with buckets and started dousing the flames.

Scott came moseying around the corner with a grin on his face like nothing happened and I hadn’t been panicked about his well-being. I have never wanted to choke him so much in my life.. There apparently was another fire from the other line that he had been helping to put out. Two fire trucks appeared and a couple of the firemen started joking about how everyone was going to be scrambling to find a TV. It was 30 mins. before kick-off. The fires were all put out and everyone and everything was fine, other than the grass.
The weather was beautiful. Once we knew everything was fine, we got back in the van and headed for a local park to get some fresh air. That had been our intent all along. We figured that we couldn’t do any harm walking at a park with what was left of our germs.


We climbed this big tower. Do you see Addi up there?! She climbed up the stairs lightening fast.. Scott is down on the bottom looking up at her telling her to wait right there for him.

Scott and I both hate heights.. a lot! But, we have both determined to push our fears aside for the sake of experience. We don’t want our girls to be afraid because mommy and daddy are. But, we hung on for dear life while up there. ha! The sun was setting and it was just incredible.

I love it here. It has been a rough first week, but I know that it will be great once we get some rest and more settled. I can’t wait to share more!!


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