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I am OBSESSED with the soft petal-pinks right now.. and forever. They are super subtle and feminine without being bubblegummy. Is that even a word? It is also the perfect color for Valentine’s Day. I am going to dump all of my favorite blush-colored links below so that you can indulge yourself, too.

I got this portfolio envelop at Target several months ago. It is a collaboration done with Blue Sky. If you love planners and cute desk accessories, definitely check them out. I am a paper-and-pen kind of girl. I love to WRITE down my ideas, to-do lists, and thoughts instead of storing them on a computer, tablet, or phone. This fits into my tote  perfectly, and is cute enough to carry on it’s own. I hate when the edges of my notebooks get messed up. That is probably ridiculous and silly, but I am so thankful that I can slide my notebook into something and throw it in my purse.

I have been dying to find the perfect pink shade of nail polish for years. I wish that I was kidding, but I really have been on the HUNT. Pinky Promise by Sally Hansen delivered my dream. It is the PERFECT color. I love this polish because it does last longer than the usual. You don’t HAVE to use the gel topcoat, but it definitely helps. The dry time on it seems to be longer than usual, just to give you a fair warning.

I have written about my love of Nickel & Suede before. I haven’t bit the bullet and bought anything yet, but am hoping my obnoxious hints to Scott came through. HA! Right now, they have blush colored earrings (on sale!) this month.

This bag from Fawn Design is also stunning. Unfortunately, they have sold out of their blush color. The bags are completely lovely in the other colors available. This Petunia Pickle Bottom bag is borderline bubblegum, but still very cute.

This Pinterest Board also colors all clothing that is blush. It makes me swoon. I love the shape of this jacket. Now that I live in a warmer climate, I need to find a good jacket that will stand the test of time and go with almost anything. This v-neck tee is also pretty perfect.

What colors are you drawn to this season? For fall and winter, I was drawn to all things wine and mustard colored.

*Any Amazon link is an affiliate link. Your cost does not change, but should you decide to purchase an item, I would get a small percentage. All other links are provided for your viewing pleasure only. I do not receive any compensation.


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