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Wow. What a weekend. Saturday started off with me feeling miserable. I didn’t really know why. Then, miserable turned into “I clearly have the stomach flu”. What fun! I was sick all Saturday and went to bed with a way too high fever. Scott ended up getting sick in the night. Sunday was his turn to spend in bed while I attempted to hold the fort down with zero energy or strength.

I am telling you, if anyone else in this house gets this bug again, I may just sell everything and find a new place to live. I don’t know what more I can do. I still feel crummy today from not actually getting to recover. Harper has a slight fever today, and Addison has a terrible cough, so basically I want to cry. I am so worn down.

But, Easter is coming.. I can’t sleep all day like some people, so I have had some time to browse Pinterest and all of the other websites for cute Easter things. Valentine’s Day was a bust, so I am moving on..

My girls would probably love these bunny pajamas. Mostly because they are wearing crowns. πŸ˜‰

Addison is really into stamps right now, and this could be a lot of fun for all three girls! I also really love this. I am not a huge fan of giving my kids tons of candy. I want to start good habits for them now. They get occasional treats, but too much sugar isn’t good for anyone, and I do mostly non-candy items.

I should also note that we don’t do the Easter bunny. I grew up doing the Easter bunny, Santa, etc. I loved it… holidays were so fun. I just have never felt right about teaching the girls any of it. “Tooth Fairy Mommy” left Chloe two quarters for her front tooth getting kicked out yesterday. (Yes, her sister KICKED her tooth out..) I don’t look down on anyone who does teach their kids about these things. I just know that we have to do what we feel is right for our family. We still make holidays magical and fun. Judge away.. actually, don’t.

Since we are in a MUCH warmer climate this year, our Easter Sunday clothing will be very different. Usually we are finding warm shoes, sweaters, and thick tights with dresses. Our church requests non-chocolate candy for their egg hunt because the chocolate MELTED last year. What?! I am loving these jelly shoes. I remember them from my childhood. I also remember blisters, but maybe they have made leaps and bounds in preventing that?

The recipe for these has disappeared, but they are so adorable!!

How was your Valentine’s Weekend? I hope that you felt very loved!


2 thoughts on “Links from the sort-of living”

  1. I wonder if you could twist your store bought cinnamon rolls into an easter bunny shape for the last ones? CJ Still doesn’t know about Santa.


    1. Probably! I have a home-made cinnamon roll recipe. I wonder if I could tweak it some! I usually make these “empty tomb” sweet rolls. You put a marshmallow inside and when it cooks, the marshmallow disappears! They are so tasty.

      We never have taught them anything about Santa.. we say Santa Daddy to them because everyone else always says “did santa come?!” They watch all of the movies and read the books. I think this year I will teach them about how Santa Claus came about, just so it can be incorporated. I never want them to spoil it for anyone children who believe. I just don’t feel right myself. I have wrestled with it though, it’s definitely not the “norm” for most people, so it’s hard.


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