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Mini Makeover

Our bedroom has been in need of some serious TLC. When we lived in Michigan, our bedroom was in the basement. We literally only drug ourselves down the stairs when we were ready to go to sleep. It got neglected because we hated the room. Because we have had three babies, our comforter was old, stained, and had holes all over it. There was even permanent marker on it from one of the girls.

I have said for years that I want our bedroom to be a retreat for Scott and I. The rest of the house is covered in toys and kid stuff; we need one space that is all US. Our bedroom is now right off the main living space. We see it more often and it is off-limits to the kids. We decided to give it a mini-makeover. The furniture is still the same. It is beat up from three moves, but it is ours and tells a story.

I hate that our bed has to be off-center from the window. It drives me nuts! Ahh cramped apartment living. 😉

We finally bought new bedding to make our room a retreat. I love grey. It is a such a calm and relaxing color. I have been eyeing this quilt from Nordstrom’s for MONTHS; maybe longer. It is just a basic dark grey quilt, but the little pom poms around the edge are such a fun detail!  Since the bedroom is OURS, not just mine, I have never wanted to do a super girly theme. This quilt is the perfect blend of masculine and feminine.


I searched for the perfect pillow shams. I wanted something that was visually interesting since the quilt is grey and our curtains are grey. When I found these at Urban Outfitters, I know they would be a winner.


The color is not at all what is in the picture online. In fact, it looks nothing like in this picture either. I contacted Urban Outfitters about it. They sent new shams, since I was sent “maize” instead of mustard. I got maize again, so apparently when they say “mustard” on the website, they main “maize”. It’s a dull color, and I am not sure if they are going to stick around. UO gave me a 10% refund, but I still might send them back again. I put them on to see what they look like out of the package. I love the tassels, but I just am not sure.


I found our throw at Dillard’s on super-clearance. I love this one, but definitely need to learn how to make it on my own. HA! I love that you can put a monogram on this one. I am cheesy, but even after 7+ years of marriage, I love items with our monogram or names on them.

We spent more money than we typically spend on anything for our bedding. However, we wanted to be sure it would last. The comforter that we had before was from Khols and immediately started falling apart. I love quilts like this because you can throw them in the washer and dryer (on delicate) and they will stay strong. Our bedroom finally feels like a space that we want to be in. I think that as parents, we too often neglect our marriage. The kids and their many demands come first, and our spouse gets whatever is left 0ver at the end of the day. I am so grateful to now have a bedroom that I never want to leave. It brings me joy to walk into.

I still would like to purchase some throw pillows to add some more dimension and texture. I just haven’t found any that I like in a low price-range. I really like this one a lot. It would add an extra pop of color(s) and I love the pattern. This is also really beautiful, but unrealistic for us! Could this one from Target be pulled off? I really love it! This would work also. Basically, almost anything MudhutTM would work.

If you find anything, let me know. 😉

**Edit: I am returning the “mustard” shams. I left them sitting there all day to see how I would like them. With the natural light, they are tolerable. Once it’s dark out, they look.. well, they look like a breastfed newborn’s diaper.. gross. If I am spending THAT much money on something, I have to love it 100%. The beauty of free returns! 


1 thought on “Mini Makeover”

  1. Love the new bedding! Gray and yellow (color family) are some of my favorites together! I don’t think that first one from Target would work, but maybe the second. Though I do like the first one.


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