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Goals Update

How are you doing with your goals? Have you set any?

I set a few more specific goals after writing this post.
-Drink 40 oz of water per day. (Yes, the recommended is much more, but 40 is GOOD for me.)
-exercise 5 times a week; mix up cardio and strength
– healthy meal replacement shake for lunch each day
– No snacking after 8 PM
– eat REAL food

I did really great my first week. I met every goal. Then, I was plagued by the stomach flu. I guess that counts as meeting my goals minus the actual eating and drinking.. ย I was trying to recover from that and i let it all go down the tubes.
Water: I have been drinking more water. I bought this 32 ounce mason jar from Hobby Lobby to go with my MBC bamboo lid (you need the wide mouth for this one). If I put away two of these a day, I will surpass my goal. I like a little lime flavor in my water. Some of my other favorites are peach and mint. I cannot stand plain water. Gross.

Exercise: I have been trying to focus more on strengthening my core for now. I haven’t jumped back into running yet. We are still trying to get Scott’s work schedule figured out so that I can know when the best times to go are. It’s easier to have set days and that accountability. But, you need a strong core to avoid injury doing any sport. I doubt I’ll ever see my abs again, but if I can feel them that would be great. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I haven’t done it as often as I planned, but I am getting there. Every journey starts with a single step.. or something like that.

Meal Replacement: The shake I bought ended up not agreeing with me. It was leaving my stomach in severe pain and I felt really hungry until dinner, even blending it with fruit. So, I have a new one that will be coming soon. Until that happens, I am trying to eat light, but filling, lunches.

No snacking after 8: This one is turning out to be tough. On Wednesdays, we leave at 4:30 for church. I pack dinner for the girls, but want to actually sit and enjoy a meal with my husband. We don’t get home until nearly 9, so I have been eating dinner late every Wednesday. I’m thinking we will just get creative with salad instead of loading ourselves down right before bed. On Wednesday’s, we eat salad.

Real food: This one is going well now that we are all able to eat. Healthy foods have always been a passion of mine. I don’t really have a sweet tooth; I struggle with a salt tooth. Is that even a thing? But, if you don’t buy the junk, you won’t eat the junk. It’s not that hard.

I don’t intend for this to be me bragging, because I seriously am not doing so great. I want this to be accountability. If you see me eating something bad, smack it out of my hand. No, not really. I would appreciate some encouragement to exercise. that is the hardest part for me. That first step out the door, or the first plank is the hardest. I just don’t want to. I see the mess around the house and feel like I should be taking care of it instead. I need my girls to see me making my health a priority. I want them to live a healthy lifestyle, too, and that starts with me.


2 thoughts on “Goals Update”

  1. I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t set too many health goals for myself! I did go for a walk yesterday which I thought was a great thing! Plus pushing my 32 lb toddler & 20 lb “baby” & the ~15 lb (??) stroller was an extra bonus workout. My biceps had tears. I ate a Bic Mac meal (with root beer) for my lunch. I can still feel it rotting in my stomach. Well it would rot if it weren’t full of preservatives!


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