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Loose Curls and NuMe Love


I have always struggled with getting my hair to curl. It either does super tight and obnoxious curls, or they go flat withing minutes. That could be caused by the use of my mom’s curling iron. I’m not insulting my mama. Nobody get upset. Her curling iron has been around as long as I am. She gave it to me because she didn’t use it anymore. Want to know something about old curling irons? They start RIPPING your hair out. Little strands were getting caught and yanked out of my head. Ouch. Plus, it took FOREVER to curl my thick head of hair.
Enter The NuMe curling wand. I purchased the classic 32 MM wand when someone was offering it for a special deal. If you follow that link, you will get $30 off of your purchase. Hot dog! (It’s also a referral link, but I have no idea what my reward is, so consider yourself warned.) It only took a few days for my curling wand to arrive.

It gets super hot quickly (seriously, I burned my thumb pretty badly) and it took the same amount of time as straightening my hair takes. I love that it does big and loose curls. The picture above was after several hours, and with a lot of wind and mommin’ happening. The best part of all? Not a single hair was ripped off of my head! The cord is really long and sturdy, which is great because you don’t have to worry about getting a short in it.
Here is what all came with my curling wand:
I’m sorry, glove, I will never laugh at you again.
Another bonus, they sent me a coupon for $50 off of any item. That’s a ridiculously good deal! Someone “borrowed” my blow drier over a year ago. Let’s just say that I haven’t seen it since then. I’ve been putting off buying a new one. Now that I live across the country from the thief (ha!) I am guessing it is long gone. I am thinking a blow drier will be coming my way soon.

Leanne Barlow did a really great tutorial on how she uses her NuMe wand. Definitely check it out because her hair is FABULOUS.

Let me know if you decide to spring for a curling wand! I want to know if you love it as much as I do!!



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