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Minnetonka Love

Have you heard of Minnetonka Moccasins?  I think Grace was doing a giveaway when I first heard about them. I didn’t win the giveaway, but had been obsessing over them since then.

For Christmas, I told Scott that if anyone asked what I needed or wanted- slippers and black ankle boots. I bought a pair of brown ankle boots from Old Navy towards the end of summer and fell in love, so I wanted a black pair obviously. HA!
I was really excited when Christmas morning rolled around and I found Minnetonka slippers and ankle boots wrapped up for me. Thank you, mom and dad-in-law!!


I asked for my slippers to be a size up from my normal (normal is a 10!)  because stuff always gets spilled on them, I wash them, they shrink, then I rip the whole toe part of my slipper open after three years of wear. Ok, so that only happened once, but I was very sad. They are so comfortable and warm. I love that the bottom is hard enough to step outside to grab the mail but I can accidentally step on someones finger and not completely crush them.

I wear my ankle boots all the time. They are comfortable without socks. I can wear them all day and not have my feet in pain. They are great. Forgive the cheesy picture. I was laughing about silly Instagram pictures, and this is the only picture that I have of my boots. I love that there is just enough fringe to be fun, but not so much that you hear it flopping with every step you take. I can’t handle that noise.
*Edit: I just found this picture hiding somewhere. The PERFECT fringe:10253986_580095792580_7552392689513429749_n

Minnetonka just dropped their spring line. They always have super cute sandals.  If I weren’t already so tall, the Ashley would be my favorite. I love the look of wedges. I really love the Maui also. These are both back from last season (yep, told you I was obsessed).  My absolute favorite is their brand new Venice Perf. They look so comfortable and breathable. That mint is so subtle that it could go with almost anything. Plus, I could chase down my tiny humans at a moments’ notice. (My birthday is coming up and I wear a size 10 if you were wondering. 😉 )

Because I’m talking about my love for them, you should also know that they have men’s, children’s shoes, and accessories. I should probably look into their product care for my boots! I also just saw this!!!! Who doesn’t need a mini moccasin keychain?! Ok, I don’t need it, but that is really adorable!!

What is an item that you have drooled over for years, but thought you’d never get? I never imagined that I would get TWO pairs of Minnetonka at once; or ever.







This post was not sponsored in any way. I genuinely love Minnetonka, and wanted to share that love with you.


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