Links for the weekend

I always enjoy seeing what others are reading and looking at. Whether you are interested in what I am reading or not, here it is.

On learning to live with the ache is one of those blog posts that I go back to over and over again. I read it when I was pregnant with Harper; before everything went wrong, and cried through it. Now, I am stuck with that ache. I feel like the “choice” of adding any more children to our family was ripped from me because of my health. That ache is deep. It’s raw and painful and some days it completely overwhelms me. Is it possible to have “post-child bearing depression”?  Some days I feel like I am losing my mind because I can hardly handle the three blessings that I have. I wonder why on earth I would possibly think I could handle another. If you are with me and having “the ache” this is a good read for you.

Now that we are past that, let’s move on to happier things.

Mama & Little is a company that I have written about before. They generously allowed me to have a giveaway on my little blog earlier this year, and it meant the world to me. They dropped their spring line today, and it is so beautiful! I want one of each! That soft pink gets me, and paired with the beautiful marbling.. it’s just breathtaking.

In keeping with the new spring line theme, Solly Baby just released theirs! The spring colors are perfection.  The fabric is SO soft. I just love this wrap.

I love Kilee’s blog One Little Momma. She is behind the brand Nickel & Suede. She is a mama to FOUR BOYS, and is rocking at all that she does. I love her honest and vulnerable writing along with her perfect outfit inspiration.

Two other blogs that I LOVE are Little Baby Garvin  and Camp Patton. Two mommy bloggers that are completely honest and hilarious.


What are your favorite blogs/posts right now? I’m all eyeballs!


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