Spring Cleaning

It is time to get serious about whipping this place into shape. It’s spring, and though it has felt like spring for.. oh.. since we moved here, there’s something about Spring that just says “clean”.  It’s cliche, but I love having the windows open with the breeze blowing through while cleaning.

Everything is turning green. It appears that we have rose bushes in front of our apartment and I can’t wait to see what color of roses bloom. I am dying to have a place put several potted vegetable plants. It will be easy once the pots and soil are purchased, but did you know that moving has an absurd amount of expenses?!


My parents are coming this weekend. We had company a few weeks ago, but only for one day, so it was easy to hide the mess in closets and pray that no one opened them. This time, we get days worth of company. I. CANNOT. WAIT. Here is the current state of our living room.


Literally, I just took that super professional picture.

It is quiet time, which means that Addi’s face is plastered to the TV while Chloe sits and does legos at the table. This is clean compared to usual. I did a quick walk through and picked things up after laying Harper down for her nap. There is a pile of dirty laundry that is multiplying. I hate folding laundry. I hate that shopping cart. I got it with free Pamper’s Rewards points, and another one was purchased with a gift card that I got for buying an absurd amount of diapers during the 2 under 2 phase. I thought the girls would love them. Wrong. 3 years and they don’t care. Harper loves them, so I am thinking I will sell one and keep one.

What was I talking about? Oh, company..

I love showing our families around the new places we live. My dad’s mom was born in Oklahoma, so he is certainly no stranger to this state. But, our town is brand new. And, we are proud to live here. It’s not like in Flint where we wanted to cover our parents’ eyes so that they didn’t fear for our lives.

I love giving our “new home” tour. I would much rather give them the full tour without embarrassment or shame. ha! Wish me luck as I tackle this place while wrestling tiny children. Scott has a meeting tonight, and I would love for him to come home and be in shock that mom boss handled it all.


2 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning”

  1. I keep going through our storage closet and pulling out stuff I realize I’ll never “use one day” which is what I say about most things.


    1. We have donated or thrown away SO much already, but I am sure there is more we can get rid of. I think the biggest problem is there is no storage for all of our homeschool books, art stuff, etc. that we HAVE to keep. It’s spread throughout the place. haha!


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