Harper- 20 months

Time is flying by all too quickly, and it breaks my heart to know that soon I won’t be the mom of a baby anymore. Seriously, can we just hit pause for a while?


Age: 20 months (and 11 days..if you are counting)

Clothes: Still in 18-24 month, and some 12 month, with a little bit of rolling occasionally needed to help with the length. She’s so petite and I love it!

Favorite Foods: Daiya mac and cheese, green beans, corn, bananas, Plum teensy fruits.. my EOS lip balm (she doesn’t care what flavor)..

Favorite Words: She is still our little nonverbal child. 🙂 She is starting to say what sounds like “more”. Maa.
Favorite Activities: She recently discovered  how fun the slide is. She would probably go up and down a slide all day long. She loves to play outside and run up and down the sidewalks. She walked with us all the way to pick up a pizza on Friday. She is also very content to be pulled in the wagon while we go for a long walk.



Favorite Things: She is absolutely in love with her baby doll. She carries her baby around and feeds it, changes her diaper, and always wants me to wrap her up in a blanket. I love watching her care for her little baby. She shares her food with her. She also really loves her ABC puzzle. She loves to dump the pieces on the floor, mostly, but it’s a start.
Signature Moves: Harper backs her booty up until she bumps into someone or something to sit on. If you lay on the floor, you’ll see her little diaper butt as it sits on your head. Then, she bounces and laughs hysterically. She dances to any music that she hears, and will do the motions to “5 little monkeys swinging from a tree”.

Other Milestones: Since we learned that the reason for her speech delay is a hearing problem, we have started learning sign language. She won’t immediately pick up every word she hears, so it’s important for us to be able to know what she needs. She is having fun learning, and it is so nice to be able to help her out. She participated in her first easter egg hunt and started to grasp what was happening.

I am so incredibly blessed to be this little girl’s mama. She is such a happy girl, and so full of love and laughter. This age is so much fun, and she is like a little sponge absorbing everything around her.
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