Monday. We meet again.

Ahh.. Another weekend gone. Another round of sickness has blessed us with its presence. Hmpf.

I thought about doing a “Our weekend in pictures”, but it would consist of tissues, piles of clean laundry (at least it’s clean!), and our new OK license plate! haha!


How does Monday always come so quickly? I go to bed on Thursday night thinking “Finally, the weekend. Everything is going to be fine. I can do this.” Then, wake up on Friday morning to my husband telling me that one of the girls has been throwing up all morning and has a sky high fever and we are out of Tylenol and can you please stop with the bad news already?! Thankfully, the stomach bug part didn’t get passed to anyone else (yet) and just the coughs, runny noses, and fevers have been going around.


I hate Monday. It hates me. It’s cool. We’ve come to an understanding. Maybe one day I will be a super-optimistic person who goes skipping into Monday because it is a “fresh start” (even though Sunday is the first day of the week). Today is not that day.

I have been wondering if it is allowed to walk through Starbucks drive-thru with my girls in the wagon. I mean, I don’t want to take them inside and share their germs with everyone. But, coffee. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This Monday is not completely awful. It is a day that I have looked forward to. This Monday, we see an ENT and can find out what is going on with Harper’s hearing. I am a big fan of taking the next step and finding out what we can do to help her out! We may not get all of the answers, but we are taking the next step to get them.

I also got a recommendation from someone with fabulous hair for a place to get my hair cut. So, I am pretty excited for that. I haven’t had a good haircut since my friend in Detroit last cut it.. when Addi was a newborn. Hair isn’t everything. But, when I have a good haircut, I instantly feel a little bit of self confidence; something I am severely lacking in. (I know. That’s bad.)

I also was able to get out A-L-O-N-E this weekend, which felt really glorious after all of the junk that has been going on. I went to Goodwill and scored some amazing deals and then went grocery shopping. To a mom of three little ones, that is like a Jamaican vacation!!

So, even though I hate Mondays and am surrounded by runny noses and fevers, I will rejoice. There is a lot to rejoice in!! There is always something to be happy about. So here is my #MondayMantra :

“This is the day the Lord has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.”
Psalm 118:24



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