A Day in the Life

Making: Taco seasoning mix (minus the salt). I ran out.
Cooking: It’s taco Tuesday!

Drinking: Water with a little of this Switchel concoction mixed in. Baby steps.
Reading: 5 Love Languages of Children still.. I really want to read Kate Hudson’s book- Pretty Happy
Wanting: To buy a house… just being honest here. I hate apartment living and randomly having people mowing and messing around in my “yard”. I hate hearing my neighbors door loudly opening at 11 PM every night; waking me up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I want to be able to plant a garden and have the kids play in the yard. I need to be more grateful..
Looking: I’m looking to detox and get rid of the sugar addiction I have. (No, I refuse to do a juice detox or any “fad”) I felt so much better last year when I was eating nothing but REAL food.
Eating: I am on a hard-boiled egg kick. I ate a salad with egg on it. I could eat plain hard-boiled eggs for every meal right now and be happy. I have no idea why!
Wishing: I want to go on an adventure with my family. A real vacation where we can hike and enjoy ourselves with no pressure to be anywhere at any time.
Enjoying: The beautiful weather we have. It is sunny and warm!!
Loving: Today, I overheard Chloe telling Addi that she really wanted Addi  to go to heaven with her one day. I love the relationship that my girls have.
Hoping: That I can get my butt in gear to get healthy again! Those first steps are the hardest.
Listening: Lauren Daigle’s music is my favorite right now!
Feeling: Tired. No one is sleeping in this house anymore.
Wearing: A flowery trapeze top and skinny jeans; anything to hide my “mummy tummy”.
Watching: Hungry for Change on Netflix. So good! I love food documentaries! Food, Inc. and Forks Over Knives are two others that I love, but haven’t watched them for a few years.
Bookmarking: This inspiration for infused water. I hate, hate, hate water. But, I NEED it.



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