For Now

How was your Tuesday?

Ours was pretty good. The girls and I had a successful morning of school work while Harper played. I sent them all to their rooms during nap/quiet time because I really needed some time for myself. Call me selfish, but I am a better mama when I can get some amount of peace and quiet during the day.

Harper has been on this no-nap kick lately. She’ll sleep for maybe 30 minutes and then she is awake and crying. I’m going to hope that it’s just this illness that is making it hard for her to rest, and not that she is going to give up her naps way too early like her path-paving sisters before her. I will cry. A lot.

The evening kind of fell apart with refusals to clean up messes that were made. After getting all three girls in jammies, brushing teeth, and tucking them in, there was a knock on our door. I am still in “Flint” mode and assuming that someone has come to murder my family. But, they’re polite and knocking first. You know. I’m logical.

It was a woman who looked to be around my age asking if “that” was our van, and she pointed in the direction our van was parked.

“Someone just hit it and they drove off.”

There was a large crowd gathered and a lot of stuff laying on the ground. Evidently, the genius hit our van and then the tree. He backed up into another car and took off even though one wheel was barely hanging on and fluid was everywhere. He didn’t make it far so he ended up running by foot. The police caught him. We ended up with 5 police cars around the vehicles and meeting many of our neighbors. Our neighbors are super nice, and it was nice to finally meet them. The police department is amazing, and I am really thankful for them.


You’re welcome for that high-quality snap.

I am not really sure of anything about the guy who hit us. He left behind a bumper with a Texas plate and didn’t speak English. We will be able to get the police report on Friday. We have to replace all of our car seats and get the back of our van fixed. The hatch won’t open. He also scraped all down the side of our van when he took off, but it looks like it is just paint for the most part. Our van isn’t worth much, and I am afraid it will end up being totaled because of that. That means a new car payment that we were NOT planning on having. Yikes!

It definitely could be worse, and should be for how hard he hit the van. The van had been moved from the force of it. I saw his car when they towed it here to pick up what was left behind. It was in bad shape. He was okay and so was everyone else. That’s what is really important.

I keep laughing and saying “I cannot believe that happened”. Then, I feel really frustrated because we have a lot of important appointments coming up and only have one vehicle.

I can say many things about our lives since we moved here, but boring is most certainly not one of those things! There is always something crazy going on. haha!

My children have taken turns waking up ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Which is why I am blogging at 4:30 AM and trying to resist the urge to online shop. Resist, Ashley. Stay strong. I can start looking at what car seat to buy now, I guess.

I really want to get this bowling set for Harper’s birthday. I think it would be really fun for her and last for a long time. I think it would end up being one of those things we hang on to and our grandchildren (Lord willing) will play with one day also. Resisting for now.

For now…

**Update: Chloe ended up getting sick this morning. Harper is still running a fever. Our van is most likely totaled. Car seats cost a fortune.



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