Links for the Weekend


This picture is completely irrelevant, but I just got to see it, and it makes me smile! My BFF and I got to spend the day together last year. We picked up her pups and went to Starbuck’s drive-thru. I got to feed Scout a “puppiccino”. As you can tell, she liked it as much as I did.

Moving on.

Earth day is coming up. As a Christian, I feel that we need to care for this planet that God has given us to reside on. No, not worshiping trees and nature, but being a good steward of ALL of his gifts. I am excited to incorporate it into our homeschooling month. I am pinning ideas here and would love to hear more!

With Chloe’s decision to accept Jesus, I wanted to get a devotional for her. I have heard nothing but high praises about this one for YEARS, and decided to finally purchase it. They also have a version for boys, which I have also heard amazing things about.

The weather is warming up. I am ready to be outside more often!!!! I didn’t really get cabin fever this year since winter was mild in Michigan until after we moved, but I am still ready to play in the warm sunshine. I want to play Yard Yahtzee so badly!!

Also, how cute are these cooler bags?!?!? Perfect for taking on a picnic, to the zoo, or beach!

I watched the documentary Vegucated on Netflix. It was incredibly eye-opening. I have never really considered becoming a vegetarian or vegan. However, the footage of a baby cow being dragged away from it’s mama the second it was born has scarred me. That poor mama was trying to chase after her baby.. I don’t think I can ever drink milk again.

Every single one of these Mama Bear shirts are adorable. I love that they have daddy bear now, too.

Sookie is coming back to Gilmore Girls!!!!!


In other news: I FINALLY got my new Oklahoma license. The guy who hit us WAS, in fact, drunk. The car was not his, had a Texas plate, and I am scared to know how long he was behind the wheel while drunk. I am thankful he hit our empty van and didn’t kill himself or anyone else. I’d still like to give him a wet willie for ruining our van though. HA!

What are your weekend plans? Does anyone have anything fun planned?


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