The Van Saga

Well, we own a new car! Yesterday, Scott went to check out a van that had JUST become available. It had already sold, but they  just happened to have another van traded in that day. They let him look at it and found out it only had one owner. They had taken REALLY good care of it, and only got rid of it to buy a brand new one. I am still in shock because it all happened so fast. Our van has leather seats. What the what?! I have never had leather seats in my life. Do I need to use a leather conditioner on them?! How do I take care of them? We are getting seat protectors to put under our car seats. I never worried about fabric before.


This is not OUR van, but exactly what it looks like.

We pick it up later today since they still needed to clean it and fix it up nicely for us. They ended up not totaling our other van. I am shocked!! I am grateful for it, because this gives us more options.

Gosh, I feel so uninspired. I am just sitting here writing about a van on my blog. L-A-M-E. Our lives have been consumed by doctor’s appointments, and now our van being hit by a drunk driver. My dry shampoo got lost yesterday, and I nearly had a nervous break down. I ordered new markers for my daughters and a game for all of us to play.. Yep, it’s super exciting around here.

What do you do for inspiration? I am in desperate need of some inspiration!!


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