About A Monday



Here are ten things that I am really loving today.

one Harper has been fever free so far today!!

two It is double star day at Starbucks.

three We live down the street from Starbucks, so we loaded up and walked to get some. The older girls picked out chocolate milk and Harper got a fruit pouch.

four This overnight oats recipe. I tweaked it some, and hope to share it soon! So yummy!

five House hunting. We are around 9 months from our lease being up, and I am searching for THE perfect place for us to move at the perfect price.. and then praying it stays available. haha! Day dreaming, really.

six A friend went to be with Jesus. It makes me sad that she is not on this earth, do not get me wrong. She was incredible. She was older, had lived a full life, and her cancer had returned. The last time I saw her, she had tears streaming down her face as she told me how she just wanted God to call her home. Her prayers were answered, and that is beautiful.

seven Harper turns two in just a few months. I love looking at birthday party ideas on Pinterest. I am thinking a woodland theme?

eight Pretty Happy. I feel like a dork sharing this, but it’s true. I like the book so far.

nine This bike.  I want a bike so badly. I love the vintage vibe that they all have right now. Plus, a huge basket AND cup holder. Cup holders are pretty much a requirement with me. Maybe I should get this one instead. I mean, if you know my bike history (Let’s just say that I have met a lot of trees up close and personal), an adult tricycle could be safest for everyone.

ten Spring. Flowers are blooming all around us. There is this tree in the neighbors yard that rains pretty purple flowers all over the ground. They look so exotic and I like to pretend that I am on an island somewhere. Spring is pretty fabulous!

What are you loving on this Monday? Coffee?

***Edit to add #11: check out Brickyard Buffalo this week!! They have so many great summer finds at a discount.

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