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Catching Up

Last Thursday was Homeschool Teacher’s Appreciation Day. I didn’t know that was a thing, but Scott looked it up. I was the lucky recipient of some very colorful flowers. 🙂 I love when the girls pick flowers out for me because they are always super bright and cheery.


You’re welcome, again, for that super grainy cell phone picture. ha! The camera batteries died…  (..and Addi was eating something with ketchup in the background.)

It was grocery shopping weekend, so we spent our weekend at the grocery store. Scott had an lock in, so he spent Saturday half awake and half napping. Exciting, I know. I feel like two days were completely wasted.

Sunday, I got to be in a church service for the first time since Easter. I can’t tell you how exciting it was. I still feel like the new kid in town even though we’ve been here for three months. I have missed so much because of sick kiddos that I don’t know a whole lot of names. We are in such a great church full of really great people. I just wish everyone could wear name tags. 😉

We realized that we had not done anything fun, so Sunday after Harper’s nap, we went to the park. There is a park in town that has a huge canopy over the playground and we have been dying to check it out. This town is FULL of parks, and we had not made it to this one yet. The girls were SO excited when we got there; even though they were upset that we weren’t taking them to their “favorite” park.

There was a man sitting on a bench making balloon animals for the kids. I have no idea how long he had been there, but it had to have been a long time. So many kids had balloons. Addi waited so patiently and got a pink unicorn that she carried around all evening. She is still dancing around with it today. Chloe wouldn’t wait in line long enough, so she missed out.

The park was right net to a beautiful neighborhood full of trees, so Scott made my heart happy by driving through. I love looking out houses. I always have. My interior design classes were by far my favorite classes that I have ever taken.

Moving on…


This week promises to be busy. Harper’s glasses will be ready soon, and we’ll be driving down to get those. She starts speech therapy tomorrow morning, and they will do another tympanogram on her. On Friday, Harper and Addi have back to back appointments at the ENT. Harper will get more hearing tests done, and Addison will be having  her consultation for the procedure that she needs to have done. We could end up having two surgeries to schedule that day.

For those of you who have been through surgeries with your children, I’d love to hear your tips. Harper will most likely have surgery to put tubes in (that is still not a guarantee). Addi will most likely be put under to have her procedure done. Both are minor, but both will be uncomfortable after. Addison is really sensitive, and I worry about her the most. She’ll have stitches right on her hairline near her ear. I don’t want to see either of them in pain. I would love to hear your advice, and would absolutely love your prayers.



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