Long Weekend

This long weekend was SO needed after last week. The girls are doing amazing after surgery. Harper had such a minor surgery that she was back to normal almost immediately. Addi is starting to feel the pain more, but still won’t slow down. I wish she would so that I wasn’t so on edge about the possibility of her stitches busting.

Scott goes to the church to get some work done on Saturday mornings. The girls and I were all losing our minds. I started packing a cooler– determined to go ANYWHERE. It was finally sunny and we were getting out! When Scott got home, we decided that the zoo would be our destination.

The girls had a lot of fun. It was a hot day, but we always pack loads of water. Sunscreen and hats are not optional on the kids. The animals were surprisingly active considering how hot it was.

Somewhere along the way, Scott realized that Harper’s glasses were gone. She throws everything from her stroller- shoes, soppy cups, snacks, you name it. We ALWAYS hear and see things fall and pick them up. She throws those darn glasses off during every walk we go on. Scott went to retrace our steps while I took the girls to play on the playground. He filled out a form at the lost and found. We all met back up and retraced steps again.. Nothing. They are still gone. 

Sunday was a typical Sunday. We had family day, so the big girls say with me during church while Scott preached. They popped popcorn for everyone to eat, which probably really helped with keeping all of the kids quiet. πŸ˜‰

Chloe lost a tooth on Wednesday, and another on Sunday! She’s going to have to eat soup soon!!

Yesterday, we made it a point to teach our children about Memorial Day. We are so THANKFUL for the men and women who have sacrificed their lives to keep us free. 

Scott grilled both of our meals (so good) and we went for a short walk. His birthday is this Saturday, but we will be out of town. So, we had extra celebrations!! 

All in all, it was a great weekend to help gear us up for this crazy week! We have follow up appointments, speech therapy, ear plugs that need made, new glasses to order, and lots of packing/cleaning to do before our “vacation”. 

I hope that your weekend was full of fun, and remembrance for those who have gone before.


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