Mom Confessions

1. I would sleep in late every day of possible.

2. I really hate washing my hair. It takes so long to dry and then I have to DO it. I love dry shampoo.

3. I sometimes get so busy in the morning that I forget to brush my teeth. I like to wait until I drink my coffee or it feels like a waste.

4. I avoid going into the big girls’ room as much as possible. The mess and clutter stress me out.

5. I love going for walks because it keeps the kids contained in the wagon/stroller. It’s quiet(ER) and relaxing.

6. Playing in a sprinkler or at the splash pad counts as a bath, right?

7. I despise bed time. No one goes to sleep easily and it can ruin a perfectly wonderful day for us all.

8. I lose track of how many days in a row I wear a pair of pants.

9. I cannot perfect the “top knot” and am very sad about it.

10. I will not share a drink with my kids. If they drink from my cup, I am done. No floaties for me!! 

Happy Friday, friends!!!!


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