Here and There

It is really difficult to write a GOOD blog post on a phone, so I apologize for my absence. I wanted to share some photos of what we have been up to lately.

Mostly, melting! Oklahoma is H-O-T in the summer; humid also. We haven’t really been up to much. Our new van broke down and got fixed a week and $400 later. That was a real treat. Haha!

I went to meet a friend for a play date with our girls. She lives on a ranch, which was so incredibly beautiful. The ranch also happens to be near The Pioneer Woman’s family ranch. I thought that was pretty neat to see in person. I mean, the sign. That’s all you can see from the road. 

Scott got spoiled on Father’s Day. The girls gave him this outnumbered shirt. It was a big hit.

We have also been doing some seriously messy baking. The girls made delicious tie dyed cupcakes. I don’t mind mess like this. Memories are far more important than a tidy kitchen.

 The past few weeks have brought A LOT of heartache. On top of the obvious pain of the senseless violence.. One of my best friends from Michigan awoke on the 2nd to find out that her 27 year old daughter had passed away in her sleep. Yesterday, a wonderful woman who invested in my babies in Michigan passed away. I tell you, ministry hurts. You open your heart to these people and they fill it up. When they hurt, you hurt. It is painful to be so far away right now. Both funerals will be happening this week, so please pray for Sam and Carolynn’s families. Even though we have a great hope, goodbyes are still painful.

The recent events have just reminded me of how fragile life is. I have been reminded to be fully in the moment.. Cherish them. The phones can be put down. Turn the TV off. Snuggle up with those you love and tell them how much they mean to you every day. 


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