#Toddler Harper

Harper turned two on Monday. WAH! I am so sad to see her growing into a toddler, but love seeing her personality shine more and more. Roller coaster, y’all!

Her well visit isn’t until next month (getting hers and Chloe’s out of the way at once.) She weighs 25 pounds finally!! She is still a little peanut. She wears a size 5-6 shoe.

Speaking of shoes, she is OBSESSED! She doesn’t like speaking to anyone, but she will say shoe and point at hers.

We are still doing speech therapy twice a month. She is at a little bit of a stand still right now, but is already doing much better than a few months ago! I am so proud of her. She clams up when the therapist comes though and gets REALLY embarrassed if she accidentally SAYS something. I’m not sure why or what to do about it.

She loves puppies, so we did a puppy theme for her special day. We made dairy free cake batter truffles for her since she doesn’t like cake. She has enjoyed snacking on them.

That puppy cake topper may be her favorite gift. It is by Oli & Carol if anyone is on the hunt for something similar.

Harper doesn’t really eat much these days. She throws her food on the floor and I think I would be better off just giving up on making meals… Or just make her a plate and toss it on the floor. 

She loves drinking soy milk and heavily watered down grape juice. She carriers her baby and “ninkie” with her everywhere. Seriously.. Grocery store, church, going on a walk? Baby is coming along with the giant Aden and Anias swaddled blanket. It’s adorable and I love it!!

Here’s another fun gift of Harper’s! Who doesn’t love bowling?!

Harper Michelle, I hope that you know what a ray of sunshine you are. We love you SO much. ๐Ÿ’—


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