Taking Inventory

Our library always has the most fantastic displays. 
Making: I just made a baked sweet potato for lunch. Just a tiny bit of butter on top and yum!!

Drinking: hot dandelion root tea with honey.. I am coming down with something that is making my throat burn.

Reading: Someday, Someday Maybe by Lauren Graham. I am a serious Gilmore addict, and Lauren is basically Lorelai in real life. I have only read a few pages and I can already tell that it is going to be a fun read.

Wanting: petty.. But I am dying for an Arvo watch. They are classic and an adjustable wrist band sounds great.

Listening: the Dora theme song is playing in the background………

Looking: I’m looking at etsy and trying to grow my etsy shop. (FourArrowsCo)

Playing: you know that dot game where you and another person draw lines and try to make a square? Good description, I know. That is what Chloe and I are playing.

Wishing: I am wishing that we could get out of this apartment before February. We are all feeling…over it.

Enjoying: having my husband back home. I really miss him when he is gone. His first week home was so busy that it felt like he was still gone. Things have settled down some and we have enjoyed it.

Loving: snuggling up to Scott and watching movies at night.

Wearing: peanut butter covered clothes

Following: my planner.. We see the eye doctor, pediatrician, and dentist over the next two weeks. Chloe starts dance class next week. We start school soon. Chloe’s birthday is Monday and we also have speech therapy. My head spins without seeing it all written on the calendar. 


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