Chloe is SIX

Chloe is obsessed with wanting to eat at a restaurant! For her birthday, we took her to Chilis for lunch. She was really excited to order macaroni and cheese. 

We have SO many toys crammed in this small space, so we got her outdoor gear. She’s been wanting roller skates, so that’s what we got her. My mom sent her a scooter, so we spent the whole evening outside rolling around! 

She even shared her scooter with Addi, which made my mama heart proud!!! 

Chloe started her dance class the day after her birthday. It was the first time that I have ever dropped her off and left her. I was so excited for her that I couldn’t be sad! She had the biggest smile on her face. 

I have a feeling that six is going to be grand! First grade, dance class, and hopefully American Heritage Girls are all in the works. When did my baby get so big?!?! Here’s a throwback to her real BIRTH day for your Thursday:


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