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7 quick takes


September means FALL. You will never convince me otherwise.


September also means #psl and a pumpkin muffin.


Exploring the town some more. The girls LOVED climbing up into this train.


Exploring some more. Am I the only one who finds these gems to be completely charming? Oh, the lives that must have been lived inside.


We feed some of the geese, and no one walked away scarred for life!


I love cacti. It made my heart happy to see one again!


Harper has to be woken up early on Sunday’s. She stays in a good mood; and occasionally finds a comfy spot to lay down. 


3 months post-surgery. The hair that they had to shave is growing back like sideburns. It doesn’t bother her. She doesn’t like it to have sunscreen or any cream rubbed on it. She loves showing it off. This scar is a fierce reminder of her strong spirit, and what a gift it is to have a healthy child who is not battling cancer.. She is battling, and beating Lyme disease. πŸ’ͺ🏻

Jesus, I am so thankful!
I hope that you all have a great bonus weekend day. Happy Labor Day, friends!! 


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