It’s me..

Ok, but really. I am writing to you from our brand new (refurbished) desktop computer. It’s beautiful and glorious.

I mean, my fingers are typing on a keyboard. My hand is not cramping from holding a rectangular phone. I can SPELL!

I may write a poem about this glorious (gigantic) computer screen.

Scott and I don’t have cable. We haven’t for over 6 years. The few shows that we watch can be watched online. I am just picturing our minds being blown after watching on a smallish laptop screen for so long.

I don’t have any pretty pictures to share on this post. Not that any of mine are all that great. I am back from the land of computer-less. I am curious what kind of content that my faithful followers would like to see.

Homeschool tips? *snort*

Travel advice?

Surviving outings with three small children?

How I get this fabulous messy bun that looks like a bird may or may not be caught inside?


I’m all eyeballs. I’m really excited to have my creative outlet back!!

I also have my Etsy shop (FourArrowsCo) up and running. I actually sold my first custom piece last week, and words can’t even say how excited I am! I am working on getting more listed, and learning more “skills” so that I can get even more creative.


I am going to stop boring you..if you even made it this far.

Have a great hump day! We can survive until Friday! I CAN DO THIS!


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