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Chloe is in dance class every Tuesday evening. I have noticed that a lot of parents drop their child (or children) off and leave. Since dance is only an hour long, I don’t feel like buckling and unbuckling car seats to go home for maybe 30 minutes. Instead, we make an adventure of it. Scott gets off at the time that dance starts. Usually by the time I get everyone situated, he is arriving to explore with us. I always make sure to pack plenty of water and snacks for our journey.(I have to say that I love our Chicco Viaro stroller. The bottom basket is GIGANTIC and holds all of the stuffed animals and junk the kids bring along.)

In honor of #TBT, we will throw it back to the beginning and work our way through.




stroller / snack cup / water bottlethermos / diaper bag / igloo cooler tote

Our downtown is beautiful, and each week we have been able to see something new. Addison is loving getting some time to shine. We love hearing what she has to say about everything that we are seeing. Harper is content to just sit in the stroller and observe. If she sees a puppy, look out! You’ll hear her “arf arf arf” from a mile away!!

I have had some people ask me if Addi is jealous that Chloe gets to do dance. It’s a fair question. We offered dance class (gymnastics, soccer, etc.) to her, and she had no interest. We make each week special by exploring and taking pictures with all of the buffalo sprinkled around town.

We also make sure that Chloe doesn’t feel left out when she re-joins us after dance class. If we stop at Subway for a cookie, we get one for her. This week, we stopped at a chocolate shop so that we could watch Addi’s eyes bug out of her head. She picked a chocolate out for Chloe. So far, we haven’t had any real jealousy issues, and I am incredibly thankful for that. I love seeing my girls become their own individuals.

You can see our pictures by searching #adventureswithaddiandharper on Instagram.

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