Friday Favorites (on Saturday)

These booties from Piper & Scoot are just amazing. I have been searching for FLAT cutout booties for so long..and there they are. All $98 of them. Look at their dresses, too. So cute!


Lily Jade 2.0 is here for pre-order. I love them all! That jade lining.. all the heart eyes! This is the bag pictured above (minus the jade lining and longer straps!).

I want to play this game so badly. My mom, sisters, and I all tend to cry-laugh. We would need a lot of tissues. I have very vivid memories of my mom sitting at the foot of my orthodontist chair while I got my braces on. She could not stop laughing, and I nearly shot that torture device out of my mouth from laughing so hard. The price gets me, but this one looks similar.

Paleo pumpkin spice scones are on the line-up for this week.

I love this hair color. I want to do something fun on my head without it being a bright unnatural color that I will hate right away. I’m keeping my longer hair though.

Oh Joy! for Target is so cute!

Today is “thank a police officer” day. Be sure to let your local law enforcement know how grateful you are for their service.


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