Almost Autumn

Is anyone else tired of these HOT temperatures?! Don’t get me wrong, I despise COLD weather, but I am so sick of sweating my face off every time I step out of the door. Tomorrow is the FIRST OFFICIAL day of fall!! It’s time to get below 90 degrees!!

This week is always fun.  Fall is really here; at least on the calendar. It’s also premier week! I don’t watch a ton of TV shows since we don’t have cable. Scott and I do watch some online after the girls are in bed at night, and we are really looking forward to watching them again. Who is watching This is Us? I really want to watch it, but the feels YOU GUYS! I don’t know if I can handle it. It was on last night, so tell me how it was in the comments. No spoilers though!!

I am adjusting the way I eat to fit a Paleo diet. I’m doing it for my health so that I can avoid ending up with a whole lot of other problems down the road. I know that some people feel like it’s trendy. But, when you are facing health problems decades of years before you are supposed to, it’s a wake up call. I am not a huge sweets eater, but when I start giving up sugar, the cravings hit. There is sugar in so many things that we don’t even think about. Yesterday, I whipped up a batch of these Paleo Pumpkin Spice Scones and put most of them in the freezer. This way, I can heat one up when a craving strikes, and still stick to my “diet”. Does anyone else hate that word? Its a lifestyle change. I’m excited to cook all of the squash this autumn as well!

There are only 40 days until Halloween, as well. Just to let you know that tidbit.


I waited for a REALLY good deal on these “Boo!” shirts! Chloe has outgrown being able to match both sisters in most brands, but I got as close as I could. 🙂 I want a polka-dot shirt for myself. Someone needs to get on that STAT.

How will you be celebrating fall this weekend? I printed off some fall scavenger hunt sheets. It’s supposed to cool off some this weekend, so we should be able to get out and feel fairly comfortable.

Happy last day of summer!!!



1 thought on “Almost Autumn”

  1. They got lemons and made lemonade! It was so good, but there is one part that I know would be hard for you specifically with the babies.


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