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Fresh Air


The weather is FINALLY cooling off here in Oklahoma. It still gets really hot in the late afternoon, but you better believe that I’ve got the windows open all morning and evening! I love hearing the wind rustling the leaves outside my window.

These cooler days have also meant that we are hitting up the parks again. That may be my favorite part of homeschooling. We have the flexibility to go to the park when it is pretty empty. We can pack a picnic lunch and know that a table will be available. The girls were SO excited when I told them that we were going earlier this week. This playground is covered by a massive canopy, which is really awesome on a sunny day!


Feel free to pin that super healthy meal right there. Don’t be intimidated by my skills.

We have continued our tradition of exploring the town while Chloe is in dance class. I feel like we see new things each time we are out and about. Addi loves getting to run around and pretend that she is riding on her imaginary horse named Whistle. It cracks all of us up.


The fresh air has been absolutely incredible. I get grumpy when I am stuck indoors for long periods of time. I never imagined that it would get so unbearably hot that no one wanted to go out. Fall weather is my favorite, and I intend to soak up every moment and enjoy the fresh air blowing in the windows as long as possible.

I am also excited to do some Halloween decorating this weekend! I try to be good and save it for October 1st; though we do have some window clings up that I let the girls pick out. I have trained them well. 😉 As a bonus, Janssen over at Everyday Reading has written a post with her favorite children’s books for Halloween. I LOVE her blog. If you ever need book recommendations, she is your girl! Plus, she has three little girls and has girl #4 on the way!! I love that. I feel like we are BFFs, but she has no clue that I exist. haha!

Do you get excited for the fresh air and fall weather? What about decorating? Are you a just-can’t-wait-to-decorate kind of person, or a wait-till-the-last-minute person? 


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