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5 Favorite Diaper Bags

Mamas, we carry a diaper bag FOR-EVER. Even when your child is done with diapers it seems that you are carrying their stuff.. well, Chloe is six and I’m still carrying things for her.. So, forever. In my opinion, diaper bags need to be functional (obviously) and it’s a huge bonus if they are pretty. When you just have a baby, you typically don’t feel at your most beautiful. (You just gave birth to a human, you ARE  a rockstar.) It can get old to carry a gross looking diaper bag around. You are a mom, but you are still a woman.

My first diaper bag screamed MOM and I loved it at first because I was a new mom. I wanted the world to know. But, the baby does that for you and I really couldn’t wait to carry a pretty bag again. Well, when you find out that you are pregnant again with a 6 month old baby, you realize you will never carry anything pretty (besides your babes) again.

Enter: the diaper bags in disguise. I feel like many of these bags don’t scream “I’M A DIAPER BAG” but are still super functional and will last well beyond the baby years. (sob) Obviously, do not break the bank to buy a diaper bag. Maybe add a nice one to your baby registry. There is typically someone who is willing to spend more for a baby shower. If not, gift cards and those handy coupons they give you to spend on what remains on your registry. Bingo!


  1. Lily Jade You really can’t go wrong with any style that they have. I won a bag in a giveaway earlier this year. I picked the Shaylee because it was in stock. Seriously, it is beautiful. But, the function for me just never quite fit. I found a buy, sell, trade group on Facebook and was able to trade for an Elizabeth. It has been a match made in heaven. Functional pockets galore, and it’s beautiful!


2. Petunia Pickle Bottom Altogether Tote This tote may be the most fun bag on the planet. I wear pretty much all neutrals. Black, grey, and white with dark blue or black denim with a little chambray pretty much sum up my wardrobe. A fun pop of color is great. If a bright color isn’t your thing, it comes in many other colors; including neutrals.


3. Skip Hop- Grand Central I saw a mama carrying this bag a few weeks ago. It caught my eye and I think it is so cute!! Outer pockets are a huge bonus! They can carry bottles and sippy cups without spilling all over the contents of your bag!


4. Skip Hop Chelsea Skip Hop is really an awesome brand that last without completely breaking the bank! This bag easily will last through the baby years and beyond!! The color is so beautiful and classic (and also comes in black if you are worried about stains). Look at allllllllllll of those pockets!


5. Timi & Leslie Charlie Y’all, this is a SEVEN piece set. I have heard nothing but good things about these bags, though I have personally never tried them. It is one that I drooled over while I was pregnant with Harper, but never ended up deciding on a bag. This bag is huge and an obviously hold a ton! The added stroller clips are just a huge bonus to me. I love being able to easily attach my diaper bag to the stroller (or shopping cart) and go.

**For the record, I use Think King stroller hooks and LOVE them.



This post is not sponsored by any of the above brands. All Amazon links are affiliate links, and you can see my full disclosure statement on the “referral links” page. Thank you for supporting me while I help support my family.

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