Sweater Weather

Ok, so it is actually 90 degrees outside and so obnoxiously windy.. but I am dreaming right now. I LOVE the kind of weather that allows you to wear a cozy sweater without a coat. 50-70 degrees is my sweet spot. Is it too much to ask for God to have created a state where it is that temperature year round? 😉 I’m not THAT picky.

Anyway, enough about the weather. I want to talk about sweaters. I love looking through the fall/winter wear when the stores start putting it out. I don’t own many, if any of these sweaters. I thought I would share what I am drooling over..and maybe make Christmas shopping a little easier on Scott. (Kidding, we are moving out of our apartment next month and that is present enough!)


I love this mock neck sweater from GAP. Honestly, this is one of my favorite stores to shop at. The styles are usually pretty classic and timeless. I’m not a big fan of huge trends, and if I am going to spend money on something I want it to last. I’m not a big turtleneck fan, but this one looks like there is plenty of room for my enlarged thyroid to breathe. *insert massive eyeroll*

This chunky sweater from H&M is so pretty. Grey/black/white is usually where I am comfortable, but this dark green is BEAUTIFUL. The slit on the sleeves is awesome for someone like me who loves to wrap her hands in the sleeves of sweaters. I usually stretch them out terrible, and the slit would help avoid that. Plus, $20 for a brand new sweater?! They are nearly $10 at Goodwill.

I love how unique this sweater is from Piper & Scoot. I’m not sure how timeless that would be, or that it would look cute on this pear shaped body, but I really love it. It looks so cozy and fun.

This sweater from Old Navy is also really pretty. The white is so simple, but the hemline gives it a fun detail. Neutral sweaters also give you a great canvas for fun scarfs, so theres that. This mustard colored sweater from Old Navy is also really great (and comes in a ton of colors). I really love mustard yellow for autumn.


Are you a sweater weather person or do you like to melt your face off in the heat? (ha!) What are some of your favorite sweaters this season?



**This post is not sponsored. All of the beautiful image credit goes directly to the website from which each sweater is found.**

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